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Performapal Camelump CORE-EN005 1st Edition (Common) Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

Performapal Camelump CORE-EN005 1st Edition (Common) Yu-Gi-Oh! Card
Pendulum Effect:- Once per turn, during your Main Phase 1: You can target 1 face-up monster you control; the monsters your opponent currently controls lose 800 DEF until the end of this turn, and if they do, if the targeted monster attacks a Defense Position monster this turn, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. (These effects remain even if this card leaves the field.) Monster Effect:- If this card is destroyed by battle: You can make the monster that destroyed this card lose 800 ATK.
Card Details
Card Name Performapal Camelump
Edition 1st
Rarity Common
Attribute Earth
Level 4
Type Pendulum Effect Monster
Sub-Type Beast
Attack 800
Defense 1800
Series Name Clash of Rebellions
Series Short Name CORE
  • Brand: Konami
  • Product Code: SC-CORE-EN005-1-COMM
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