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Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Symphony Starter Deck 1st Edition

SOLD OUT Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Symphony Starter Deck 1st Edition

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Starter Deck contains 45 cards (40 common, 4 super rare and 1 ultra rare) and is ready to play out of the box.

Whilst the strategic nature of this starter deck will be of great benefit to new players (it is specifically designed to make it easy for newcomers to learn the first steps of the game and play their first Duels), veteran collectors also have a reason to get excited; 4 of the Xyz monster cards included in this deck have never been released in Europe!

Starter Deck: Xyz Symphony includes some popular monsters like Gogogo Golem, Zubaba Knight, Ganbara Knight, and Goblindbergh. In addition to 20 regular monsters, 10 Spells and 10 Traps, it also has fi ve awesome Xyz Monsters, including Number 39: Utopia and four all new “Djinn” Xyz Monsters, never released before and in Super Rare version.

40 Common Cards
1 Ultra Rare Card
4 Super Rare Cards
1 Beginner's Guide
1 Game Mat

  • Brand: Konami
  • Product Code: STARTER-DECK-YS12-1
  • Availability: SOLD OUT
  • £9.95
  • Ex Tax: £8.29